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October 02, 2007



This is exactly why we went through a recruiting firm that specialized in placing military officers - at least their clients looking for employees were actively seeking vets. And its also why we wound up going where the job was instead of where we wish we could have lived - its just too difficult to pick a spot to live THEN try to find a job (overcoming the whole "how can your experience relate to the REAL world?" misnomer). Honestly, its such a shame that more employers aren't aware how "real" and relevant the world soldiers have lived in and managed is to a corporate environment...


Tim was lucky to be interviewed by someone who appreciated our soldiers and our vets, and was able to get a higher paying job than he was even thinking of for part time. Hire a hero seems like such a great source, I hope that our vets can find that site, it is a definite shame that they are dealing with adjusting to being a civilian again and having to struggle to find a job. A lot of the problem I believe may be because our vets are used to having an exciting job and experiencing so much.. that the normal desk job just doesn't seem appealing to them. I know that is what Tim has said before that he doesn't feel any civilian job could bring as much satisfaction and excitement as the military does.

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