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October 28, 2007



All Tim asked for was Tuna and Easy Mac. They have so many things that I would have sent in the pasta aisle. Hamburger helper easy meals are pretty good... but I guess it depends on the quality of food at the FOB, it may not be necessary. I loved the cake in jars, his fave was brownies... dont forget to put the icing in there and some spoons to share!
Maybe a little christmas tree with lights? I just asked Tim and he said copenhagen :) not sure if he does that.


THought of another... iTunes Gift card? that is if he has a notebook there and an ipod.


Guess this good looking dude is taken. Showing off that nice ring on his finger that this lovely lady gave him.


Kerri thanks for the suggestions! Everyone should take note of the shiny ring! He didn't want to ruin it or lose it so he wasn't going to take it. I said NO WAY! Scuff it up, scratch it up...it is all part of the ride.


So great to see Dave's photos! Love that smile...(and the ring)
I am sending Nana's homemade blackberry jam along with a few other goodies.


Where do I send a package to Dave?

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