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November 10, 2008



So thrilled to hear about your trip to DC...FUN!!!
AND...may we all toast our glasses to our most special VETERANS from FORT DRUM and everywhere..Captain Grammier and friends--Thank you for the freedom we have in the USA...We Love You!!!


Redskins/Cowboys! What a game to go see! Very jealous! I will be looking for you guys! :) Enjoy all your adjustments! When do you guys think you will be moving back? Happy Veteran's Day Dave, thank you!


I was thinking of Dave this morning as I was hanging my flag up for veterns day. The 48 star linen flag was on the casket of Grandma Bettencourt's brother.
It's wonderful to have Dave home and safe again.

Did you know that Petaluma has the largest Veterans Day Parade in Northern Calif. We even have a fly -over of old war planes today. The house was just rattling with an old helicopter flying over.

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